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Buy granite countertops to improve your home before the holidays, or for no special reason at all other than enjoying an upgraded look in your home. The key is to understand some of the process, so that you will be prepared for the costs that spring up, and more importantly, for the many decisions that will come your way. It may start to feel a little like the chicken and the egg when you first start conjuring up your vision for your countertops before you buy them. Of course, the question becomes do you pick the granite slab, stone dealer, or the fabricator first?

You may want to start with an idea of the color that you want. Then it is wise to buy granite countertops first. Then, try to find the best fabricator that you can afford. The first answer that you have to devise is hardly an easy one, and it has the most effect on the overall look of your countertops. While you know that you want to buy granite countertops, you may have no idea which of the many styles and color combinations will suit you best. Beyond the incredible breadth of decisions regarding the look of the actual countertops, there are other decisions to make as well.

Before you buy granite countertops you will also have to seriously consider the budget that you have in mind. If you will be overhauling your entire kitchen, then you may have to use varying degrees of materials to make sure that you can afford all of the remodeling materials that you need. For instance, if you will buy more than just the granite countertops, you may have to find ways to make the granite more affordable for your kitchen remodeling project.

Budgeting for Big Projects

When you are remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom, there are a lot of expenses to consider, whether you can predict them or not. Depending upon the extent of the renovations, you may be involving professional plumbers, electricians, and of course granite countertops fabricators. In addition, you may be hiring on the expert knowledge of a kitchen or bathroom designer as well. Regardless of what you were planning on spending initially, with materials and services, you will have to balance the budget. The truth is that designers and other professionals add great value to the project, but also cost money.

To that end, when you plan to buy services, it is best to allow approximately twenty percent toward the expense of mistakes, and unanticipated expenditures. Depending upon the scope of your project, then, you will have to make sure that you have the money to buy more than just the granite countertops. Beyond that you will want to consider what fits into your budget as far as the purchases you need to make to get your project into place.

Picking Products for your Space

Depending upon how you think about it, it may be fortunate or unfortunate that you have many options when you go to buy granite. For starters, there is tremendous variety in color and style. Even beyond that, there are variations for you to buy, depending upon your budget. When you buy granite countertops, you will be charged for this natural stone depending upon how much of the material you need to purchase. You may not have thought of it, but that also includes the thickness of the material that you plan on purchasing.

There are varying thicknesses of the material available when you go to buy granite countertops. In addition, you may also find that the possibility of tile may work best for you when you go to buy granite countertops. It is also a great possibility to still enjoy a full slab when you buy granite countertops, though it matters how you have it cut, as to how much it will cost. In order to cut costs, you may want to have the quarry or the stone dealer cut the material before it is delivered to your home for installation. A great deal of the expense of this natural material can be incurred when you have it cut onsite rather than offsite.

Another popular avenue that many homeowners take is to measure out their own space and send the specifications directly to a wholesale stone dealer. This cuts a good deal of expenses related to the cost of the product, including the expenses related to employing full use of a fabricator onsite. Be sure, though, to ask to see the piece that will be cut for you prior to having it cut. There is a good deal of variation in the appearance of this natural material, even among the same batch. So, it is important that you are careful when you buy granite countertops.

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