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Care of Granite Countertops

Care of granite countertops is a very important notion to consider for anyone who is thinking about buying new granite for their kitchens or bathrooms, and of course it is essential for all of us who already have them in our homes. Proper care of countertops is always something crucial to consider no matter whether you choose marble or Formica or any other surface material, and it is no different with granite than any other substrate. Buyers and potential buyers need to know how to care for these things and what they can do to get maximum service life and beauty out of their countertops.

To begin with, it is probably noteworthy to briefly discuss the strength and wear resistance of granite as a countertop material. Many people quite understandably think that since this is basically a rock from the earth, that it is probably impervious to damage. This is definitely not the case. You can etch the surface of a countertop, or chip it, or even do worse damage if you are not careful. Those who are trying to choose between a few different natural options should know that the care of granite countertops is simpler than that of marble in one important way, and that is that marble is easier to etch and wear on the surface.

Taking Care of Your Countertop

So, it is good to know that the proper care of dark granite countertops is important, yet manageable. As owners of these beautiful custom made and professionally installed countertops, we are drawn to this particular material for all the gorgeous colors and the naturally occurring patterns that are discernible on the surface. There are many folks who even love the way the tile or the countertop feels to the touch, holding on to the cold in a room and having a certain cool smoothness to it.

Maintaining that look and even that feel is essential. Imagine the disappointment you would feel if something happened to your kitchen that couldn't be repaired because the countertops were not properly protected. For all the money we spend on our kitchens, it is crucial that we protect our investments with a little preventative care. There is an easy way to do this, and one that is not all that expensive. Having trained and experienced professionals help you in the care of granite countertops right from the start makes it a lot easier to get all the life out of them that you should.

Importance of Sealing Granite

As far as the care of granite countertops is concerned, one of the most important of all actions you can take as an owner is to have them sealed professionally as soon as you have them installed, or if they are older as soon as you take possession of a home. There are a few different reasons why it is so crucial to do this upon installation. The first reason is very simple and practical in nature. This form of care of granite countertops makes it easier to wipe them down and clean up after you use them to prepare food or in your other normal activities.

There are many people who want to use granite countertops for a kitchen island where they take their informal meals. If you wish to use them in this manner and put them through that kind of use, they need to be sealed. Even just the normal activity of wiping them off is safer and is less likely to result in an etching when they are protected by a quality sealer. Taking care of your investment is really important, as you well know, and having the surface duly protected gives you assurance when you do ordinary things like put plates down to eat breakfast and things of that nature. It is not as if granite is as soft as some other surfaces, but it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the care of granite countertops.

Take care of your new kitchen or bathroom and it will stay looking as good as new for many years to come. Be careful in the way you put things down and pick them up; don't assume that any sealer will protect that surface on its own. And get a professional to help you in your care of granite countertops by sealing them with top quality products that make them more resistant to wear and damage and easier to wipe off after use. Keep the cost down and use our free form to find specialists in sealing and repairing countertops near you. Choose a company that you can trust to get the job done right and you will be happy with your investment for years to come. Care of granite countertops is essential.

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