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Clean granite countertops are necessary to enjoying the greatest beauty and function of your new countertops. As with any material that you introduce into your home, granite has its very own, unique characteristics for its care. There are first a few fundamentals to understand about granite, even when you are just using granite tile configurations.

Granite is a natural stone. It is by its nature also porous. This means that granite will readily absorb liquids that are dropped onto its surface. In addition, it can also suffer from fissures and cracking as well. Combining both fissures and absorption can create a great space for bacteria to fester and grow.

The key is to prevent these situations from occurring by initially treating the surface, and by regularly performing proscribed methods to maintain clean granite countertops. When your granite countertops are first installed, find out if the fabricator or the quarry will have sealed the surface for you.

Typically, the granite countertops will arrive just with a fair sheen. This is part of the beauty. It is likely that the dealer or quarry will not have applied any sealant. Even the fabricator or installer will most likely not have applied a clean, clear sealant either.

Instead, you as the proud new owner of your clean granite countertops will want to prepare to perform your first degree of maintenance on your countertops. This entails cleaning the surface, and allowing it to dry. You may want to inquire with the fabricator or the dealer what sealant they recommend to help maintain your clean, new countertops.

Sealant and Soft Cloths

Most likely, they will have a way that they highly recommend you use to properly clean and care for you new countertops. In addition to clean granite countertops on a daily and weekly basis, you will need to also seal the surface as well. Use a very soft cloth to wipe down the surface with daily use.

In addition, you will need a stone cleaner that you will apply weekly. This is to ensure clean granite countertops are maintained over the long term of your ownership. Look to your own habits to clean granite countertops. You will have to train anyone else who lives in your home in the ways to properly keep your clean granite countertops fresh and looking new.

Continued Maintenance

Once you have sealed your clean granite countertops, the key is to keep them clean over the years. You will want to keep your eyes focused on the clean surface to continue to repel water. As long as water is beading on the surface, the sealant is properly working. After one or two years, you will start to notice that liquid starts to become absorbed into the surface again.

It is time to again clean and re-seal the product then. Try to use the same brand of sealant, to avoid having to test it out on the surface. Otherwise, it is recommended that you choose an inconspicuous space in the back of the surface to test the new sealant. Once you have applied it, let it dry. When the surface dries, drop a bit of water on it. This is to test to see if you will need to apply more sealant or not.

Items to Avoid

The finish of the natural stone surface is delicate. Be careful not to let acidic foods or hot pans touch or sit out on the surface. Be prepared to use trivets to insulate the surface against heat and acid. Both of these elements can damage the surface. It can also affect the beauty of the product. To ensure the longest-term ownership of a great looking, high performance product, follow these simple guidelines.

Once you have made care of your natural stone surface a habit, you can freely enjoy the ownership of it in your home. It is a natural beauty that will continue to aptly serve you and your family for as many years as you want to enjoy it. Consider other areas of the home where you can happily introduce this natural stone.

Bathroom vanities, home bars, kitchen surfaces, and back splashes above the stove top or the sink are a great start. Others have included these pieces in other areas of their home with great satisfaction and success as well. When you have decided upon a regular method to care for the product, then your focus can be on enjoying it and making full use of it in your home. Family and friends will wonder how you made your home so lovely.

Clean granite countertops make the most of your beautiful natural surface. Just as with any other new home product, it can take time to adjust to the maintenance of the natural stone. When it becomes habit, it will make it an enjoyable addition to your home.

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