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Corbels for Granite Countertops

Corbels for granite countertops add touches of style and distinction to your counters. Corbels provide support for your countertops, bracing the slab against a bar, counter or cabinet. These accents can also complement the color and texture of the granite while enhancing the decor of your kitchen, bar, den or bathroom.

When you enter a room, corbels for granite countertops may not be the first design element that catches your eye. However, elegant corbels and other accents can unify the other elements in your living environment. Whether you have designed your kitchen or den with focus on elegance or comfort, corbels can contribute the decorative touches that bring the whole look together.

Corbel Styles

Corbels for granite countertops are available in a variety of styles, ranging from sleek and contemporary to baroque and ornate. New wholesale granite countertops are beautiful and elegant in their own right, bringing a sense of timeless strength to any room. With complementary corbels, you can bring out the character of the stone while giving your granite countertops the structural support they need.

An elegantly crafted corbel can lend a classic elegance to any counter, kitchen island or breakfast bar. Combined with the dignified beauty of gray or pink granite countertops, a corbel carved with scrolls, grapes, palm leaves or flowers adds the perfect decorative details. These architectural elements have featured in the finest homes for many generations, yet they still lend graceful touches to contemporary or traditional decor.

Hardwoods such as cherry, maple and oak have been used by master craftsmen for hundreds of years to carve these ornamental elements. Although these brackets are typically not made by hand these days, many designers have tried to emulate classical styles by integrating timeless elements into these features. Whimsical birds, floral patterns, palmate designs and acanthus are often brought into play to evoke the original designs of these unique architectural elements.

Matching Corbels with Materials

When adding ornamental accents to a counter, look for accents that match the finish of the bar or cabinetry. A corbel should blend with the color and finish of the counter, as well as complementing the stone, itself. Granite countertops are available in a wide array of colors and textures, from traditional granulated black and gray to the more unusual, variegated green, yellow or pink stone.

Including corbels for granite countertops in your decor should not add considerably to the cost of a kitchen remodeling project. However, if these ornamental braces harmonize with the surrounding materials, they can bring out the other elements of your design. Whether you decide to cover your counters with stone slab or tile, corbels for granite countertops can lend structural strength to these components as they accentuate the style of your room.

Corbels for granite countertops are available in wood, plaster or polyurethane, an affordable alternative to plaster. Wood, stone and plaster are the more traditional options, having been used in traditional architecture for centuries. Polyurethane is a more contemporary option that can be modified to suit the design of any interior. This durable synthetic material holds up well under extremes of temperature and will add long lasting beauty and support to your counters.

Before using any synthetic material with heavy stone, consult a licensed contractor to determine whether the corbel will provide adequate support. Along with augmenting the visual characteristics of your interior design, corbels for granite countertops should brace the slabs against the underlying bar or cabinetry. If a corbel is not strictly decorative, this architectural element should lend strength to the structure it enhances.

No matter what style or material you choose for your corbel brackets, consider their function and the look you're trying to achieve in the room. Heavily ornate braces may not complement the counters in a sleek, minimalist kitchen. Look for accessories that contribute to the unity of your decor.

Installing Corbels for Granite Countertops

Installing corbels, in most cases, is only one part of the process of fitting your kitchen, bar or den with new counters. In addition to these accents, you'll need specific accessories to install a corbel in order to attain the right degree of support. When installing wooden ornamental braces, it's important to have wood screws of the right length and a level to determine whether the corbel is correctly aligned with the surface of the counter.

If you're thinking about installing granite countertops in your home, consult a home improvement contractor before undertaking this project. Even if you have extensive experience with do-it-yourself projects, the installation of new counters with corbels for granite countertops requires precision and expertise in order to achieve professional results. Talk with a licensed contractor who has a solid reputation for countertop installation about how you can improve the appearance and functionality of your home with strong, long lasting counters.

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