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Cutting Granite Countertops

Cutting granite countertops is an aspect of the installation process that becomes increasingly important as you come closer to installing granite countertops in your home. The reason is that cutting granite counterops is labor intensive, requiring experienced installers who know all about cutting granite countertops.

First, though, it is important to collect the measurements to know just how much granite will be necessary. In addition, this is the time to look at the various colors for your granite countertops. You may find that there is a great deal of options, even if you narrow it down to the category of blue granite countertops.

Professionals You Trust

It is important to understand that cutting granite countertops is an ideal situation, in many cases. The reason this is true is because each project is uniquely different. And, some situations may require special added expertise from an expert installer. This may result in additional work on the part of the DIY countertop installers in terms of cutting the countertops to properly fit the granite for the job.

Though, if you hire that equally eagle eyed expert installer they will be able to determine whether cutting the countertops to size beforehand is a possibility. Otherwise, the same professional can make a determination upon whether they will need to be cutting granite countertops on site only. Just be sure that the estimates that they provide for you are taking into account the breadth of possibilities that could impact the final price for the materials and labor. After all, the labor cutting greatly into the bottom line is normal.

Employing Other Options

Beyond cutting the countertops on site, there are two other, more cost effective measures to consider. Though, be sure that you find multiple expert installers who can verify that these are viable options for your situation before employing them. The two options are to start by cutting the natural stone off site. The other option includes working on site, but without slabs of stone.

Cutting granite countertops off site, whether at the quarry or the distributor saves time and money. It is a service that is offered with the full focus on cutting granite countertops. This makes it more economical. Specifically, the tools are already out and ready at all times. In addition, it creates more of an assembly line efficiency because it is the main focus at the quarry or the distributors warehouse.

Decreasing Expenses

This makes it less expensive than cutting granite countertops on site at your home. It is a matter of taking specific and accurate measurements when ordering the stone product materials for your job. That means that once you have ordered your product, and it is being shipped, the project is already basically set in motion. That means that there is little to no room to change your mind on the topic.

Thus, if you plan on investing instead to cutting granite countertops performed by the quarry, then you must be certain of your decision when you place your order. In addition, you must make accurate measurements. In addition, though, because it is a more efficient option, it is less expensive to you as the consumer.

Tile is even more economical to include in your plans because it arrives already sized. It may involve some simple slices here and there, but not major work. It is already a less expensive option material wise, because it is thinner than a slab of this natural stone.

Review of Edges

When planning on your project, do not forget to consider the finishing of the project, by including edges. There are many types of edges to consider in the finishing of the process. There is a straight line, which provides a square look. This is actually known simply as a straight edge.

There are a whole slew of rounded edges, which are all known by the quarter inch from which they are cut. The main variety is the rounded, full bull nose. Other varieties include the quarter inch, half inch and three quarter inch. There are semi-round also, which means the top is bull nose and the lower half is just a straight cut.

There are additional edges that are a bit fancier. They are more complex, involving bevel edges and curvature. Such intricate cuts are known as dupont, for instance. These all have a great degree of visual appeal, and the one that is for your project largely depends upon your personal preference and over all design features.

Cutting granite countertops involves more than just having a contractor come out and make the place look great. There are many decisions along the way. Each step can affect the economy and over all look of the project. Therefore, each decision must be armed with knowledge and care.

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