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Do it yourself granite countertops can bring you and your family all the satisfaction of having strong, durable surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom without the high installation costs. In traditional kitchens, contemporary bathrooms or dens, granite countertops lend beauty and a sense of permanence to any decor. To get the maximum value from this investment and avoid wasting time or materials, plan your do it yourself project carefully and choose materials that will improve the functionality and appearance of your home for years to come.

Installing do it yourself granite countertops can be challenging, but many homeowners have completed this remodeling project successfully. Before you plan the project, consult a number of licensed contractors for quotes on products and installation. Discussing your ideas with local experts can help you gauge the scope of the job and select the best materials for your home. If you decide to hire a contractor to assist you with this project, you'll have the contact information that you need on hand.

Choosing the Right Products

The longevity, elegance and classic beauty of granite countertops make this material an asset to any house. This stone is resistant to stains, burns, scratches or other forms of damage. Once you've installed these products in your kitchen or bathroom, do it yourself granite countertops will hold up to wear and tear for many generations. Do it yourself countertops provide the additional satisfaction of knowing that you completed the work by hand.

When you're planning your countertops, you'll find that you have a wide range of colors to choose from in addition to the traditional gray or black-and-white materials. Green, pink, yellow and brown granite are available to complement your decor and express your personal style. While many people associate this material with dark, somber tones, the stone actually occurs in a full spectrum of colors and grains to match your flooring and cabinetry.

If the cost of granite has discouraged you from choosing this project for your countertops, installing tile may be quite a bit more affordable than a solid stone slab countertop. Tiles have all the strength and visual appeal of slab, but do it yourself installation may be easier and the price may be more reasonable for the average homeowner. When tiles are correctly aligned around sinks, backsplashes and peninsulas, the seams between the individual segments are virtually invisible, creating the impression of a slab at a fraction of the cost.

Overlay materials that combine naturally quarried granite with quartz or other stones are an alternative to premium do it yourself granite countertops. An overlay provides the durability and natural beauty of stone without the high cost of solid slabs or tiles. Installing overlay materials on your kitchen counters can be fast and easy. Once these fabricated products have been installed, many homeowners can't tell the difference between the engineered stone and naturally sourced materials.

Do It Yourself Installation

When you're shopping for the most cost effective, easy to install materials for your kitchen countertops or island, look for dealers that specialize in do it yourself granite countertops. Pre-cut segments or slabs make do it yourself installation easier and more accurate. For the most correctly aligned, long lasting results, your measurements of the countertop spaces should be extremely precise. If you're using tile for this project, you use your measurements to reach a correct estimate of how many tiles you'll need to cover the area.

Installing do it yourself granite countertops requires the help of one or more people. Slabs can be extremely heavy, and they require more than one person to lift them and align them properly. Before you begin the process, draw a template that reflects the exact size of the area where the slabs or tiles are to be installed. A do it yourself template can simplify the process of working with large segments of stone. Although granite is extremely strong, large slabs may break on impact if they're dropped.

Preparing to install do it yourself granite countertops requires assembling the right tools and materials. Along with the stone itself, you'll need plywood as a backing material. A circular saw, glue and tape are required to complete the stages of installing do it yourself granite countertops. The project requires careful attention to detail to measure the spaces correctly, align the tiles or slabs and mask the open seams in the countertops.

Once you've completed this project, you'll have a great sense of pride and accomplishment. Do it yourself granite countertops can remain in your house for years, adding a sense of dignity and longevity to your decor. If you love the solid appearance and smooth texture of natural stone, you'll find that having these materials in your kitchen or bathroom can make even the most ordinary routines enjoyable.

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