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Granite Countertops Colors and Styles

Granite countertops are the most popular choice for the modern kitchen and bathroom for a number of reasons. Not only does granite have modern appeal, it has a timeless quality, so you know that it'll be just as appealing in a decade as it is now. Granite also provides colors, luminance, patterns and surface depth that the synthetic materials on the market cannot duplicate. And granite is an investment in your home that provides greater appreciation in the long-term than the alternatives do.

Once a homeowner has made the choice to install granite countertops, they face some challenging decisions. That's because there is a great deal of diversity in the marketplace, and we've found that most homeowners enter the process unprepared for the sheer amount of choice that we present to them. So in order to streamline that process, we've assembled this brief overview of the colors, materials and styles available in today's granite countertops.

Granite countertops colors, cuts, and styles

The two primary countertop styles are solid granite and granite tile. Solid granite is a natural granite slab that the manufacturer cuts to the size and shape of a countertop and then seals. Natural slab is extremely versatile because it is available in almost any shape, size and thickness. In addition to all the standard aspects on the market, you also order the granite slab cut and edged to your precise needs. And of course, granite is available in the wide range of colors and patterns that only nature can provide.

The alternative to natural slab granite is granite tile, which uses a thin granite cover on the visible aspect of the tile. These tiles come in a range of standard sizes, and you install them by epoxying them onto a prepared counter surface. In terms of color and pattern, granite tile is just as versatile as natural slab granite is. The big difference here is in the price. Tile is much less expensive, especially when using it for an area that would otherwise require a special order cut.

Both solid granite and granite tile are available in a diverse array of styles and edges. One of the most common edges is the rounded edge, which is a traditional cut that has once again become quite popular. The beauty of a rounded edge is that like granite itself, it's timeless. Another popular and timeless style is the beveled edge. Unlike molding, the bevel on granite tends to have just one or two distinct cuts with very sharp angles, which is a popular choice for the modern bathroom.

Choosing the right edge style for your granite surface

Other popular granite styles include bullnose edges and ogee edges. Bullnose, an especially popular form of granite tile, allows the countertop to have a substantial polished edge, rounded or squared, that runs the length of the countertop facing the room. Ogee is an expensive vanity edge that emulates the bevels used for crown molding and similar wooden accessories. The effect is fantastic but the cost can be prohibitive if choosing it for an entire room.

The most challenging aspect of choosing the right granite is choosing the right color and pattern. The sheer amount of choice is both a benefit and a hindrance. On one hand, no matter what your needs are in terms of scheme and style, you will be able to find the perfect granite to match. On the other hand, all that selection makes the process daunting and it means you'll have a slew of tough choices to make.

Once you've decided on a basic color, you'll then have to find the right shade. Black, brown, gray and tan granite are the most popular choices and they're each available in dozens of shades perhaps more. You'll also have to factor in the different levels of luminance and the various patterns available. The most common patterns or veins are flecked and pebbled, and you'll find that both come in a wide range of densities and styles. Even the more adventurous colors, such as blue, green, pink and red, are available in the same amazing range of luminance, pattern and shade.

How lighting effects your granite investment

It is important to note that lighting within the home and similar factors affect shade and luminance a great deal in terms of perception. So even if you've settled on brown, for instance, you have your work cut out for you. You'll have to narrow in on the brown tint you like and then look at how the various shades react to the environment where you'll install them. This is why it's extremely important that you see the granite in your home before deciding to purchase it.

Granite countertops are an excellent investment and they are incredibly gorgeous addition to any home. But they're not a decision that you want to rush into. Hopefully this guide has helped prepare you. Be ready to take it slow. Find the basic color that works for your kitchen or bathroom, and then take the time to explore the many patterns and shades available. This labor of love will pay off greatly in the end.

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