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Do I Have Many Color Options for Granite Countertops?

For many people, it is easy to come to the realization that a granite countertop is a very worthwhile investment for your home. Not only is granite an absolutely beautiful material, it actually increases the value of your home by merit of its durability. Part of the process of deciding what kind of material you want to use in your home is determining what would fit the look and atmosphere you are trying to create in your home. Will granite countertops work in your kitchen? Ultimately, it comes down to the level of variety granite offers, and one of the biggest varieties it has is the amount of colors you can choose from.

What are the Options?

On a broad scale, durable granite countertops are available in most of the colors of the rainbow. Some of the more exotic color choices include red, green, and blue. In addition to these colors are the neutrals of black, white, brown, and grey. Most of these colors also come in various shades. You might not totally expect that, as most people don't. After all, black is black and white is white, right? Actually, granite comes in many shades of each color.

As with many things in life, there are "shades of grey" to just about everything. Nature is one of the biggest proponents of refusing to lump anything in to categories in any way other than name. You would not be able to expect any two mountains to look exactly the same, though some may be more similar than others. Granite is much the same way, and cannot always be found in the exact color you're looking for. You may want a very white granite countertop, but nature may only provide mostly white options. At the same time, you may be thinking that you know the exact shade of red that you want for your countertop, and find yourself utterly surprised at the array of beautiful reds you can choose from. So, that's something to keep in mind.

What You Should Keep In Mind

Speaking of keeping things in mind, there are a few more to note. First of all, white, while beautiful and pristine, is far more likely to show every little stain and etching that might be accumulated over the years than any of the darker colors. Although the incredibly dense nature of granite makes it very resistant to absorbing liquid, it can become stained on the surface by darker liquids. Fruit juices, balsamic oils, and sodas are particularly prone to staining granite surfaces.

At the other end of the spectrum are black granite countertops. While you will not see the dark stains on a black countertop that you'll see on a white granite slab, you will also be less likely to see other, removable stains. When you clean a white granite countertop, you can see each and every single spot you missed with the first pass, and can easily make sure that your entire countertop is clean. With a black granite countertop, you vastly increase the likelihood that you will miss a spot or two. That means that the next time you use your countertop as a cutting board, you may be cutting raw food on a dirty surface. Not a pleasant thought!

No matter what you choose for your granite countertop color option, the most important thing is that you be happy with your selection. One of the greatest things about using a naturally occurring material for a countertop is that every color is, obviously, natural and beautifully so.

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