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Granite Countertop Cost

The granite countertop cost depends upon factors that will allow you to spend accordingly. For the most part there are some simple ways to work out the numbers more favorably. Granite countertop cost is approximately $80 to $100 per square foot installed. This allows for a few various scenarios of installation of your new granite countertop.

There are a few ways to purchase a granite countertop that result in variations in the cost of granite. For one, you could have an artisan installer come to your home and work with tools by hand to shape your granite countertop to the specifications that you need for your house or office. Tile is probably the easiest way to minimize your Granite countertop cost because it is less material and it is a little easier with which to work.

Money Saving Tips

In addition, there is the chance to save considerably on your granite countertop cost by having the slabs pre-shaped, pre-finished with such features as bull-nosed edges. This can also help prevent on-site errors with hand cutting of natural stone, which can add considerably the the granite countertop cost for your bathroom or kitchen or wherever you will be installing your new countertop.

True Cost of Ownership

Granite is versatile enough to add natural stone beauty to your kitchen or bath in either a residence or an office building. And, they are functional, albeit this countertop material will cost you time and energy to care for it. The cost of the granite countertop that you will be having put into your new area will add natural beauty and complements darker, richer tones of natural wood cabinets and flooring particularly well.

The lifetime granite countertop cost is going to be a little bit of extra time and consideration of the material and how you need to keep up with granite countertop maintenance. Otherwise, there is not necessarily a cost of ownership, beyond the initial cost to have the material installed into the kitchen or bath room of your home or office. This will include only wiping the surface down with a soft microfiber cloth for regular, daily clean up.

Cleaning the Surface

In addition to daily clean up, there will be other kinds of treatment that you need to give the Granite countertop cost in terms of time. And, once a week or every other week, you will need to clean the surface with a stone cleaner. Though, as you use the surface, water will stop beading up when it is exposed to the natural stone material.

This is part of the granite countertop cost. You will need to re-seal the material whenever water stops beading up on it. The sealant is called an impregnator because it will seal it against water, thus impregnating the crevices where water could otherwise seep into the surface material. Depending on use of the material, you may need to re-seal the natural stone once every six months, once a year or even every other year. The ranges seem to be all over the place, depending upon who you talk to about this.

Treatment of Material

When cooking, it is tempting to put a hot pan on natural stone. Though, while some say it is ok, it is advisable to still use trivets and other mats that will protect the surface from damage from overly hot pots and pans. In addition, it is also important to avoid leaving oil to sit on the surface, as it may cause staining on the natural stone. Acidic foods can also create a bit of a problem on the material as well. Even still, there could be fissures that occur on the surface.

While it will take a little getting used to to care for a natural material, there is of course the fact that anything, including corian, formica even, will have special care and consideration. They will all require their owner to be cognizant of what they do and how they treat it. So, it is just a difference in ownership, and some new rules of use to understand and get used to following when you buy this product.

Granite countertop cost a fair amount of money for the appeal of a natural stone option. While you may believe that it is a rock solid material, its nature belies this. It is naturally somewhat porous, making it vulnerable to food stuffs getting into cracks and crevices. Though, it is important to take care instead in the managing of the surface. This will maintain its seal against an invasion of water and other materials. It is important to take a good look for the kinds of colors you want instead of focusing on the kinds of care that will accompany ownership of this stone.

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