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Granite countertop edges are as plentiful as the colors of granite itself. When finishing a bathroom, kitchen in your home or office, or whatever and wherever you will be installing granite, it is just another decision to be made along in the process of beautifying your space. So, it may seem like another overwhelming decision, but it does not have to be like that. Instead the focus needs to be on how the look of the coutnertop edges will instead add to the over all style of the design by complementing it, and not competing against it.

While different edges will not destroy your plans and the style of the room, some may work better toward better ends than others. The cost is considerable enough when considering granite coutnertop, so it is understandable wanting to feel that you find the best edges for your design. Review the granite countertop edges types to understand what might work best for you and your own project. And, remember, granite countertop edges are pretty much infinite in their possibility, and only limited really by your own imagination and design.

Finishing Touches

Granite countertop edges are like the finishing touches, which will make the countertop work for you. Edges can be cut for a countertop straight, with just regular pointed edges on all four corners. Then there is the bevel cut, which is 1/4 bevel or 1/2 bevel, which is just a downward angle off the top. Then there is also the 1/2 bevel top and bottom. This creates a cut downward, equal to the cut upward.

Granite countertop edges can also include bull nose cuts, which can be full or half bull nose. Bull nose is a little deeper than just a regular 1/4 round. The quarter round gives a softer appearance as far as your options go for the granite countertop edges. In addition to having granite countertop edges that are cut only from the top, there are what are called reverse cuts. These edges of the granite countertop are cut from mid way to the bottom. There is also the ability to have 1/4 bevel top and also bottom for granite coutnertop.

When searching for the right granite countertop edges for your coutnertop, also consider that there are also some more ornate cuts. These granite countertop cuts include ogee, dupont, cove, cove/ogee/royal. Ogee is kind of cut down and around, and is a little more involved. Though, even more of an involved kind of look in terms of labor is the combined cove/ogee/royal. The dupont is also a lot like the ogee countertop cut, but just a slightly bit different.

Finding Good Work

It is essential that if you are considering hiring an installation expert you make sure that they are as effective at finishing the job off by being able to handle such finishing touches on your countertop. While they may charge more for the cost of granite countertops if they are amply trained and aptly able, it is well worth it. This is because if they are less able, then they may be more expensive in terms of the materials that you would have to replace if they make a mistake.

Mistakes can make it difficult to fit the material into the space where it will need to be installed and therefore where it needs to fit. So, pay mind to the person you will be hiring to perform the work. There is also the option to hire someone off site for your job as well. This would perhaps be pre-cut finishing touches. These can still include bull nose cuts, but it would all be pre-cut to fit the dimensions of your very own project. Thus, you mostly will need a competent contractor to measure out the space for you.

Then, the stone will be cut for you. It will also include the finishing touches as well. This can save you money because it would be most likely machine cut off site. In addition, if you prefer having on site cutting, perhaps seek out professionals who use machinery to produce the cuts, particularly when creating more involved cuts of the finishing areas on the sides.

Other Options

There are some other options to consider when buying this natural stone material. Rather than having a big slab delivered that is cut on site, or a pre-cut piece cut to specification, consider one other alternative. Tile is another great option that can save time and money in the process. It makes the over all process easier. Though, it only works if that is the finish that you are seeking.

Granite countertop edges are endless in variety. It is the ideal to find the best professionals you can afford, because their craftsmanship is what matters the most. Consider which options best suit the look of your over all kitchen or bath design.

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