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Granite Countertop Maintenance

Granite countertop maintenance allows you to have a countertop that is so clean you can eat off of it. Actually, maintenance of granite in your home will be two-fold. It is about being clean, especially in any room where you are preparing and eating food. Likewise, it is important to keep the granite in a bathroom clean as well, to avoid spreading germs. The second matter in granite countertop maintenance is also to foster a long lifetime of the natural stone material by treating it with lots of tender loving care.

The matter of keeping it clean is one of the vital points in granite countertop maintenance. On a daily basis, it is important that you have a soft cotton cloth on hand. This cloth can and probably should be dedicated to cleaning and wiping down the Venetian gold granite countertop on a daily basis. It may be lightly damp, but it is best to avoid approaching the surface with a sopping wet sponge. The water can find its way into the natural stone, and be absorbed. That can also be a breeding ground for bacteria to grow, especially if food finds its way into the granite countertop as well.

Weekly Loving Care

When you have come to the end of a great week with the new surfaces in your kitchen, it is going to be time for a special maintenance step. It is the stone cleaner. This keeps up the luster and appealing shine that attracts so many homeowners to natural stone products in the first place. If you are a moderately neat cook, you may rely on a weekly spray down with a stone cleaning product as well. These are excellent at getting rid of grease and grime that may otherwise build up on the surface.

If you have already tried cleaning with soap and water, or traditional household cleaning products, you may have noticed a terrible film develop on the surface. Once you have eradicated this film, it is time to turn to the specially formulated stone cleaners. This spray bottle may become a product that can be added to the daily cleaning routine, if you prefer. The polish can be used weekly, and the spray cleaner more frequently. Again, though, if you are mostly a lightweight in the kitchen on weekdays, then you can rely on the spray cleaner weekly for granite countertop maintenance instead.

Sealing the Deal

Once you have had a granite countertop installed, you will want to talk with the fabricator or read your product instructions to find out the best ways to perform regular maintenance. One of the first acts of maintenance will be performed by the fabricator, when they seal your new granite countertop. Sealing the countertop with what is called impregnator will help prevent food from getting caught in the material. It will make the surface instead bead up in the face of water rather than absorbing it.

Every year or so you will want to test the stone to find out if it is still repelling water (and food particles). The way to test the surface is to allow simply a few drops of water to hit the surface. If the water is absorbed, then it is time to do some granite countertop maintenance. You will have to re-seal the surface as part of your regular maintenance. It is best to not just use one layer, but actually allow the sealant to dry. Then, as part of a thorough maintenance plan, add yet another layer of the sealant.

Tips for a Long Lasting Surface

Granite countertop maintenance does not stop with the matters of how to treat different aspects of the surface. There seems to be a product for every aspect of granite countertop maintenance. The point is, though, that you will want to also focus on limiting contact between your natural stone and particular foods. Avoid putting hot metal or casserole dishes directly onto the surface. It is a delicate but beautiful surface that can potentially crack and fissure from such an extreme change in temperature. As you would with any other surface, keep trivets and pot holders handy to protect the stone work.

In addition, also be sure to limit and avoid acidic foods from touching the stone as well. It can eat away at the protective sealant and the stone itself. This can open your beautiful stone up to food particles and such. It may seem like a lot of rules and dos and don'ts, but granite countertop maintenance easily becomes a habit that you can keep. Thus, learn how to treat the surface and it will treat you and your family very well for years to come. Granite countertop maintenance will surprisingly become second nature in no time at all.

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