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A granite countertop overlay can make a lot of sense if you are looking to enjoy the benefits of a natural stone countertop with little hassle. The joys of a granite countertop will be yours sooner rather than later. A granite countertop overlay takes a basic money and time saving concept to a good extreme.

Normally when you purchase a granite countertop, you have the option of having a fabricator size and cut the granite to fit your countertop on site. This on site sizing and cutting of the granite countertop can tag a lot of money onto the project in terms of highly skilled labor. Granite dealers understand that labor can get expensive. Therefore, dealers and the quarry have an answer to this expense.

The answer is to cut the granite to your exact specifications at the quarry or at their warehouse. Obviously, the quarry or stone dealer will be making many cuts throughout any given day. This means that they will have their stone cutting and finishing tools out and available at all times. The availability, set up, and even rental of these tools normally adds to the cost of on-site fabricators as well.

Demolition and Mess

In addition to factoring in the costs of where the natural stone was cut, was demolition. The costs in terms of labor to demolish an old kitchen and prepare for a new one can get costly. In addition, there is a great deal of dust and mess created when anything in a home is demolished. This can add more work when you finally clean up countertops, and increase the cost of the project as well.

Rather than risk harming a perfectly good space, it is best to let it be as is. This is accomplished through the use instead of an overlay. They are cut off site.

Cutting Costs

The dealers who offer granite countertop overlay as an option have taken this concept to its extreme. They cut the stone for your countertop for you. In addition, they fully fabricate the pieces off site, to create an overlay.

The granite countertop overlay costs far less in terms of the highly skilled labor that you would need to include other options in your home. In addition you will save on the matter of the cost to demolish, cut, and also install a product that is not an overlay. An overlay offers the tremendous beauty and function of natural stone without all of the mess, time, and cost.

Design and Style

When you are searching for a granite countertop overlay, consider the colors and styles that you would like. There are a great deal of varieties of granite countertop overlay, just as their is a seemingly endless variety of natural stone available for the home. Consider looking around your home and your kitchen to determine the colors and styles that will best suit your home decor.

It is ideal to at least have come continuity among your rooms. It just creates a more cohesive, flowing feel that does not fight itself. This will allow you to enjoy greater peace and comfort in your own home.

If you have wood cabinets, first and foremost ensure that your granite countertop overlay will complement the natural beauty of the wood. Also take a look at the existing flooring as well. This can help provide clues as to what kind of overlay will best suit the look of the rest of your home.

Color Schemes

Look at the natural design of the granite countertop overlay as well. If it is speckled with a bit of white in black, then ensure that this will not fight against cherry cabinets first, Instead, with cherry you may want something that is more complementary of the cherry. You may likewise have cabinetry that is not fine wood. Instead, you may like to paint your cabinets from time to time.

Consider then that you will want to determine what colors to apply to the cabinetry prior to bringing in your new overlay. While you will not be disturbing the cabinetry too much with the introduction of the stone element, you would rather not get paint splattered all over the new material.

In addition to updating the surfaces and cabinets, do take a look at your flooring. You may want to do this after you paint. Though, consider touching flooring before you put in your new stone surfaces as well. The flooring and cabinetry also need to complement one another in addition to the new stone.

A granite countertop overlay is an even quicker, lower cost option to installing natural stone in the kitchen of your home. Consider the best colors for the existing decor of your home. Look at what kinds of tastes you have as well. If you feel the need to update the whole room, consider the order of installation and painting.

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