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Granite countertop slabs are considered to be the pinnacle of all of the possible product offerings for this material. It is a very strong and durable surface that will serve you for years to come. If you are prepared to make the investment into this product, then you may want to take the time to make good decisions across the board with regard to the involvement of this material in your home. When you have decided upon granite countertop slabs, then you still have to learn a great deal about the material as well.

When you are buying granite countertop slabs, you will likely want to invest just as much time and effort in choosing the edging that finishes off the granite tile countertop. Because the slabs are typically fairly thick, it would be a shame to consider only a straight edge down the side. If that suits your style and design, and complements the slabs the best, then go for it. Be mindful, though, that there is a magnificent variety of edges that can truly expand and support your favorite granite styles and shades.

It is also, therefore, important to take the time to seek out stone countertop fabricators who are known for their excellent work. Not only will you need them to make accurate measurements and cuts on thick granite slabs for the installation, but also for other skills as well. Beyond obviously measuring accurately and making accurate cuts and installation, there is the matter of the edges for the countertop. There is one other opportunity that you may not have considered with regard to the product results when you are having granite countertop slabs installed.

Sometimes Machines Trump Humans

You may actually not want a good deal of this work to be completed by hand. For instance, the edges, when done by hand, can create a rough surface. Likewise, if you are also going to have the installer working by hand to polish the granite countertop, it may not be the longest lasting shine. Typically, a wax polish will wear off over time. Thus, the preferred method may be to have the dealer provide machine polished granite slabs for your finished countertop project.

It is still vitally important that you invest the time and effort to choose granite edges that will best harmonize with the style of your granite countertop slabs. This decision will partly be steered by nature of the design of your countertop, and also by the style and coloration of the slabs as well. Look at samples, shipments, and also at the granite countertop slabs very carefully before making your final decision. Make sure that you pay as close attention to the quality of the granite countertop slabs as to the stone that you purchase to have your edges produced.

Consider the Side View

There are actually a great many variations of edges that you can purchase to finish of your granite countertop slabs. The first and most basic is the straight edge. This edge just squarely caps off the edge of the surface. Another common style is the ogee, which combines curvature and small edges together to produce a more complex, but visually appealing appearance. Many homeowners still love the look of the bull nose, or exaggerated rounded edges. It also keeps the area safer for those households with a lot of children in motion. There is also a Dupont edge.

When you are deciding upon the thickness of the material, be aware that there are standard size thicknesses that are indeed associated with the kitchen and other sizes that are associated with the bathroom. It is also important to evaluate the color grades as well when you are choosing your material. The Grade 1 material has the least amount of variation, whereas more expensive materials are graded 2 through 4 and contain far more variation than Grade 1 materials. There is an associated increased cost in the material when you stray away from the Grade 1 coloration.

Another aspect of your material selection will include the size and number of slabs that you require for your project. Increasing both of these will result in higher prices. Though, as long as you are prepared to face a higher cost it should not deter you from involving such beautiful surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom. They will add beauty for a great many years to come. When you determine that you want a great look overall, it may be important that you involve high quality throughout your kitchen or bathroom renovation. Granite countertop slabs add tremendous value to any room of your home. In addition, they are a pleasure to own. It is important that you understand the quality and color variations, and your other options before you buy. It is best to be happy with your decisions.

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