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Granite countertop tiles are far easier, less time consuming, and less expensive to install than a granite slab variety of countertop. The tiles are still fully made of the same natural granite that is quarried for the slab countertop. This translates into a dizzying variety of styles and colors from which to choose your next countertop. That is a good feature of this product, of course. There is a lot to be said about the natural beauty of a countertop that is made from granite.

Use this natural stone in your bathroom, kitchen, or even for your home bar. It gained and sustains popularity to this day because it is also strong and elegant. It can perk up any room in which it is set and takes well to various color schemes. Thus, if you install granite countertop tiles in your older kitchen, without making any other changes, you will find that you can still be very pleased. It will transform the whole room, raising it up a few notches.

Making Installation a Snap

When you think about granite countertop tiles you may be considering the costs very carefully. This may translate into learning enough about granite tiles to realize that you can actually perform the installation yourself. It is one project that involves granite that is not too difficult for the homeowner to perform. It basically involves tearing out the old countertop and applying the thinset, and then the tiles. The hardest part really is deciding upon the colors and styles.

It is important that you measure accurately, both width and depth (front to back) on the countertop to ensure an accurate and relatively easy installation of the tiles. Installing new easy cleaning granite tiles provides one skill that you may not need as often for installing a slab. This is the art of matching up the seams of the tiles to give it a seamless appearance. This will help to keep people's eyes from being drawn to the individual pieces, rather than seeing the whole surface alone.

The other aspect of granite countertop tiles that makes this a more advantageous product is that you do not have to hire a fabricator to cut a huge slab for you. In addition to that, you will be buying granite countertop tiles, which will most likely not need to be cut if you plan properly and have a good standard size surface. Otherwise, unless you already know how to cut granite countertop tiles, then this may not be a good time to learn. In the case of a kitchen, in particular, it is very noticeable and can produce years of frustration if installations are not up to par here. Thus, it is essential that you establish that you can perform the cutting (if necessary) and setting work on your own.

Choosing a Product

A task that may be more difficult than installing your very own granite countertop tiles could well be the process of choosing which product to purchase. When you are choosing it is a matter not only of finding the color, but the colorful undertones, flecks, specks, and spots, and also the gloss. The gentle sheen is among the many characteristics that draw homeowners to the granite countertop tiles in the first place. There are many places around the world, including the U.S., that have large quantities of this type of natural stone product. India, China, Egypt, the U.S., Canada, and Brazil, are all particularly well known for their stores of this stone. This worldwide availability contributes somewhat to the wide variation of material and color that are available for homeowners. There are light pinks, dark blues, gold,even red, and black as well.

There are a handful of variations on white. They even have an incredible depth of variation as well. You may find that some white is speckled with black, or has an overall creamier tone. Make sure that whether you shop from a store showroom, or on the Internet that you take a look at the individual product before you have it shipped, or before you pick it up at the store. That is the biggest surprise for many homeowners. It is that there is such natural variation that from one week to the next the pieces that come from just one location will look very different.

Another aspect of the project that is important to pay mind to is the matter of cost. Make a budget beforehand, and shop according to how much you want to spend. Granite countertop tiles are relatively inexpensive compared to slabs. Homeowners who love a bit of a renovation job feel compelled to complete such a job on their own. It can be very rewarding to have a hand in the renovation of your kitchen or bathroom.

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