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Granite countertops care is essential to keeping your new investment of time and money in beautiful shape for years to come. It is like any other area of your home, it requires a special degree of tender loving care. Granite countertops care is a little bit different than any other countertops that you may have, prior to the granite countertops.

You may not even have liked your old countertops, and may have been far beyond the precious care of it. It is important that you regard this natural stone as the living and breathing of the countertops, though. It is natural stone and as such is porous, and also very sensitive.

The porous nature can allow bacteria to find its way within the granite countertops surface. In addition, cracks and fissures can develop, particularly if exposed to striking and extremely hot pots, pans, utensils, or even baking dishes. There are ways to ensure that none of these problems overtake your beautiful marble granite countertops, though.

If left in its natural state, without any extra protective layer, even water or oil can stain the granite. It is important to look at how you can caer for your granite to ensure that it lasts many lifetimes. There are ways to make ownership quite delightful, and that is the purpose here.

Proper Tending

Prior to getting down and dirty, you will first need to find an impregnator, or sealant. This is the first line of defense and care against having unwanted particles and liquids invading the beautiful surface. This aspect of care takes a bit of attention at first, too> First, find out if your installer already provided your first care -- sealant, for you. This may be the case, and you can save yourself a bit of work if this service has already been provided for you.

If you have no way of knowing, and no way of contacting the installer or the manufacturer, consider a water test. Likewise, try this out if you have just moved into the home, and have no way of knowing either way about the prior owner's care of the product. Drop a little bit of water on the surface. If it beads up, it is sealed.

If the water is absorbed, then it requires sealant. If you have had your surface for anywhere from six months to two years, you may want to check your sealant using this water bead test. This will help you to likewise know when you again need to re-seal the surface.

When it comes time to seal the surface, follow the directions on the sealant bottle. Basically, though, know that you will clear off the surface. Then you can wipe it down and let it dry. Then, you will put the sealant into the surface, one small space at a time. Often times, the area will require more than one coat of sealant. It just depends upon the individual needs of the natural stone product.

Frequent Attention

Granite countertops care requires that you wipe it down with a damp (not drenching wet) cloth when you use it. Weekly, you may want to use a stone cleaner that is made specifically for granite. The key is to see if the dealer, installer, or the quarry that supplied the stone have any suggestions. They may each swear by the same or even different brands of natural stone cleaner.

Find out what they recommend. Be sure that you properly follow the provided guidelines for use. These will be provided by the manufacturer who makes the natural stone cleaner. This will help to ensure that the proper degree of attention for granite countertops care is provided.

Aspects of Treatment

Thus, it is vitally important that you provide frequent and proper granite countertops care. It is in the way of sealing the surface, daily wipe downs with a damp cloth, and also weekly granite countertops care with the natural stone cleaner. It is vitally important that you not only take granite countertops care directly into account. You also need to be concerned with how well you treat the surface. For instance, it is vital that you are vigilant about not putting hot pans, steaming pots, and screamingly warm baking dishes directly onto the surface.

Additionally, ensure that guests are aware of the basics of granite countertops care. It may sound like a lot of rules to follow. Though, it is in truth like any other item in your house, once you know how to use it and tend to it, it will become habit. It will also treat you well in return.

Granite countertops care takes a little time to grow into a habit. When it does, you will be able to enjoy your product without much fuss. You will then enjoy years of beautiful natural stone in your own home.

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