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Granite countertops pictures are both advantageous and yet limited in what they can provide for your new project. When you are planning on installing granite countertops, you will probably rely upon pictures to start your shopping for granite countertop prices out online, for instance. You may even find that dealers have a catalog of colors and styles that will help you to get an idea of the variation among one color. Pictures provide an excellent way to start your gears rolling, allowing you to find the shade of color you like.

Now, for the limits that occur when utilizing granite countertops pictures. Well, pictures have shades and shadows in and of themselves. In addition, the natural variation of the granite will provide yet another layer that you will have to sort through to get to the true look of granite. Thus, if you are going to be renovating your entire bathroom or kitchen, there are a few ways to use granite countertops pictures effectively to produce your dream bathroom or kitchen.

How to Use Photos

Once you have established the style and color palette for your kitchen, and have decided upon the cabinetry and flooring, you can help yourself out a great deal by incorporating granite countertops pictures at this point. This way you can determine the colors and styles of granite that might work well with your plans. If you are using a cream antique cabinetry, then you may prefer an ivory granite. In addition, you probably would stay away from the red, blue, and even black. You may also want to check out what are known as yellow, gold, and even rose, or pink granite for your countertops.

It cannot be stressed enough, though, that even once you have chosen a major color, that there are so many variations among the colors, that it is almost impossible for granite countertops pictures to capture the true breadth of the coloration that will appear in your countertops. To that end, once you have explored the granite countertops pictures, and determined the basic color and undertones of color, start working with a dealer. Go to showrooms, home improvement stores, and stone dealers to show the pictures that best represent the pattern, hue, and undertones that you would like for your very own countertops.

On the Edge

While you are going to the various dealers, showing the pictures of the countertops that you would like, also find pictures of the edges you want. The edges can be almost as complex from which to choose as the countertops themselves. Yet, know that at this point you will really only be choosing the style of edge that you would like. The reason for this is because you will likely use the same color of stone for the whole surface, including the edges. The granite countertops pictures will help you to determine the edges as well.

There are straight edges, which would be no edge; rock face edge (rough); bull nose (rounded); ogee (more ornate mixture of straight edges and rounded); and dupont. Find out if the fabricator will be machine finishing your edges, and hand or machine polishing the stone. This can impact the degree of shine, and also the "perfection" of the edges. Hand finishing can result in a wax polish shine that can wear away unlike a machine polish, and hand finishing of the edges can leave a rougher surface on them. It is best to check both with the dealer and the fabricator for more information about either of these finishing techniques. None are necessarily better or worse than the others. Find out more information so that you can determine your own preference for how you want the surface and edges finished.

Once you have determined the edge style and the color from the granite countertops pictures, it is time to determine which dealer has the product that you want. You may be surprised to find that the remnants and samples that are provided for you to take home differ greatly from the way the photos looked. That is a normal surprise. You will find the color that works best for your home, as long as you take the time to evaluate the different options for your home. Next it is time to make your final decision.

Once you have decided upon the material, you will want to watch the shipments that arrive at the dealer's yard. Examine them for a sample that resembles the variation that you would like to incorporate into your home. Granite countertops pictures can help a great deal in determining the best look for your home. This includes both the surface and the edges as well. You will definitely know the right sample and stone slab when you see it. It may take a bit of patience on your part to wait until you find it.

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