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Granite countertops wholesale are up to $15 per square foot less than retail prices. Depending upon the size of the kitchen or bathroom countertops that you will install granite onto, this can save you a tremendous amount of money. There are additionally compelling reasons why a wholesale granite dealer is going to provide great service for a great price.

When you go to purchase granite for your countertops, you will realize expenses not only in the natural stone, but also in the labor tied to the installation process. Even if you are saving some money, it is best to leave installation up to the professional fabricators. They can make accurate cuts, know how to handle the material, to create a seamless look on a piece of granite that can last years in your house.

Traditional Methods Step Aside

There once was a time when your only option as a homeowner was to purchase and install granite slab for your countertops from a store and then hire a fabricator for installation. It is now not only possible to bypass the store, but you may also realize one more area of cost savings. When you are working with wholesale companies, you are able to often times have the granite slab for your countertops pre-cut offsite for you. When the quarry cuts the countertops material they already have the machinery going and are thus not going to need to charge you as much as a fabricator would charge to cut the slab for countertops.

The reason is that when a fabricator has to cut the stone, they need to keep blades sharp, work with conditions at your home, and sometimes it gets more time-intensive. This is particularly true if their machinery breaks down. Instead, you can save money, time, and a big mess in your home by having the wholesale company have the quarry cut the stone for you. Granite countertops wholesale are an excellent way to find the products that you want for less money.

Take Accurate Measurements

If the wholesale company does not come out to measure your home, they may offer detailed directions for you to measure for your stone from them. Granite countertops wholesale need to be measured like any stone product that will serve as a surface in your kitchen. You will need to indicate width, depth, thickness, and the measurements of openings such as the sink. In addition, the wholesale company will be able to provide whatever finishing edges that you would like.

There is a wide variety of edge styles that you can incorporate into your home and thus as your finishing pieces for the surface in your kitchen or bathroom. Straight lines are still a popular and no fuss way to go. There are some elegant styles that you may first want to review before fully forgetting about the designs that you may choose. The ogee is probably the most intricate and involved, combining smooth curves and sharp, crisp lines. There are variations of a rounded style, called bull nose, depending upon the angles of the cut.

One of the reasons that it can be expensive for a fabricator to come out and cut all of the material is for any inherent loss in the pieces you have purchased. For instance, if the fabricator were to cut pieces, and had say an entire square foot in total left over, it would cost money in terms of material you could not use. To cut down on the financial and material loss, granite countertops wholesale companies cut the material for you and use the odd-shaped or the leftovers in other ways.

How Quarries Use Scraps

The granite countertops wholesale company may purchase from a quarry that also makes quartz. Quartz is the same as granite countertops wholesale, except it is ground up and mixed with epoxy. Granite countertops wholesale or from any store will always be porous. Quartz, because of its manufacturing process, will not be porous.

It is made from the scrap materials, basically. This will hopefully help you to understand the price differentiation between those materials. Furthermore, it will hopefully help you to understand why the quarry will make cuts for you. They can re-use the scraps, whereas you cannot necessarily make use of the scraps that you bought. Thus, purchasing wholesale and allowing the quarry to cut the material will save you time and money.

Starting with the granite countertops wholesale companies may make sense for you and your project if you are looking to shed some costs of embracing such a project. Granite countertops wholesale provides the opportunity to save a lot of money on the product as well as the labor. It is also happily that both of these avenues happen to improve the likelihood that you will have a great product installed properly in your home soon.

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