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A granite kitchen countertop can be the perfect addition to your kitchen remodeling project. With its durability, natural sheen and rich colors, granite can replace your old countertops or serve as the surface for a new venetian gold island. When it comes to long lasting strength and beauty, few materials can rival the attributes of naturally quarried granite.

Installing a granite kitchen countertop can be a do it yourself project if you're ambitious and handy with tools and templates. However, many homeowners prefer to leave the measuring, fitting and installation to licensed remodeling contractors. Granite slabs are extremely heavy, and they can break if they're dropped. To achieve the most satisfactory results, with the most cost effective products and installation, discuss your granite kitchen countertop options with a local contractor.

Remodeling Your Kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen can be gratifying experience for a homeowner. If you've lived with the same countertops, cabinets and appliances for years, starting fresh with more efficient products and new floor plans may revive your interest in cooking and serving meals at home. Instead of living with the countertop materials chosen by the previous owner of your home, you can select your favorite materials, styles and colors. If you've always loved the look of a classic granite kitchen countertop, you can even plan your project around the color and texture of the stone.

If you're replacing your old, stained, peeling laminated products with a granite kitchen countertop, you may suddenly notice that your old cabinets need to be updated, as well. Instead of replacing your cabinets, consider refinishing wooden cabinetry to match the shades of your new countertop surfaces. Review online image galleries, home improvement magazines and design books for ideas on matching the shades of your cabinets to your new flooring and granite kitchen countertop.

A kitchen island can immediately add a new work space and storage facilities to the room. Islands are a wonderful way to expand the functional area of the room without actually increasing its square footage. To maximize the beauty and functionality of your new central island or peninsula, finish the addition with a granite kitchen countertop, where you can prepare your favorite dishes or serve impromptu meals.

Affordable Countertop Materials

When it comes to choosing colors for your granite kitchen countertop materials, you aren't limited to black, gray or brown. Yellow, green, pink and creamy white are available, with variegated or veined patterns. Standard granite is more affordable than premium stone, but you'll find that you have a range of hues to choose from with either grade.

If you love the look of natural stone but buying and installing slab products are beyond your budget, granite tile offers an affordable, equally attractive alternative at a percentage of the cost of solid stone slabs. Tiles are easy to install by fitting partial segments into the spaces surrounding your sink, appliances and backsplash. With careful measuring, fitting and alignment, you won't notice even the slightest gaps between the tiles. To the untrained eye, tiles have all the seamless continuity of slabs when they're professionally installed on a kitchen countertop.

Remodeling kitchens can be a costly process. Once you've taken new flooring, appliances and cabinetry into consideration, you may find that you've surpassed your original budget. If you have to make sacrifices, but you don't want to give up the elegant permanence of natural stone, consider an overlay. An overlay is a composite material that consists of natural granite combined with other materials, such as quartz. After a substantial layer of this engineered material is applied over a countertop, you and your family and guests won't know that it's not 100 percent naturally quarried stone.

Countertop Installation Costs

The type of material you choose may affect the cost of installing the surfaces of your new counters. Solid slabs are typically more costly to install because of the care and precision required to measure the surfaces, account for the overhang and cut the materials to fit your counters perfectly. Tiles are generally easier to install because they can be adapted more easily to fit any atypical spaces in your kitchen. Look for licensed contractors with a strong reputation in your community for remodeling kitchens and achieving enduring results that homeowners love.

Working with stone is a specialty for some contractors. A remodeling expert with a passion for stone and extensive experience in product selection and installation is well worth his or her fees. From choosing and buying the most cost effective materials to integrating your new granite kitchen countertop surfaces with the rest of your interior, qualified contractors can guide you through every step of this important home improvement project. Compare estimates from multiple contractors in your area to find a professional who can give you the most satisfactory results at prices you can afford.

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