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Granite slab countertops can provide many years of fantastic service to you and your family in the kitchen or even the bathroom. There are additional ways to have your countertops finished to provide the greatest visual appeal and highest degree of safe function. Those are through the finishing touches, called the edges.

Visual Appeal

Granite slab countertops come in many visual variations. It depends entirely upon the piece of granite from which it is cut how it will look. Each slab is as unique as a fingerprint, it may seem. And, that is part of the natural stone quality that people value the most. It also provides an excellent palette to complement the finest wood cabinetry and flooring that money can buy, and this goes for both granite and quartz countertops.

Oak, cherry, walnut and even mahogany can all find a supporting character when granite slab countertops accompany these woods in a kitchen design. There are a great many colors that are perfectly natural, and also quite appealing. The hues you choose depend upon the over all style of your house, the rest of the adjoining rooms and even the room in which you will have granite slab countertops.

Finishing Touches

Granite slab countertops are given an even greater degree of value when the installer provides the finishing touches of edges. There are many angles of cuts, all in increments of inches, that provide the piece that completes the whole look of granite slab countertops. Those are worth reviewing to truly understand how they can bolster the natural beauty of your countertops made from granite slab.

The obvious first is just the straight edge, which continues straight down from the edge of the granite slab countertops. This one resembles a piece of tile, if you were to look at it from the side view. The cost of a thin piece that is pre-cut and pre-packaged is far less than granite slab countertops. Though, the slab provides a great depth of the material that will provide years of use.

Various Edges

Consider starting from the roundest look of them all, which is known as the rounded bull nose. This creates a soft, rounded look fully as a touch to turn square edge into a rounded curve of the countertops made from granite slab. The next kind is a half bull nose, which just rounds out top, so it sails smoothly into the side of the countertops made from granite slab . There are demi, 3/4, 1/4 inch bull nose. These are all just variations of the same edge.

There are also bevel cuts, which create an additional degree of character for your slab countertops. The dupont is perhaps one of the most involved cuts to involve in your installation of your granite countertops. It all depends upon the over all look that you want to project.

Look and Feel

There are many additions of character that the granite will provide for your room, itself. Indeed it will allow you to decorate with it as a main, central theme. It needs to work exceedingly well together with the cabinetry and also the flooring as well. It is an important enough investment to take the time to make sure that you will be entirely comfortable with the look and feel that it provides against the backdrop of the rest of the kitchen elements.

An excellent way to go in a kitchen a kitchen that has the benefit of stone, is fully natural materials. Wood cabinets or wood floors, will all tie in well together with the benefit of such an exceedingly beautiful piece of stone surface area that it can provide.

Budget Friendly

There are many ways to cut edges, and also to cut corners financially. Labor can get out of hand if there is a lot of cutting done on site to specifically cut everything to your specifications. Another option is to send your specifications to the dealer who will have the pieces cut right at the quarry for you. This will save you a tremendous amount on the price of the materials for your project. It is not an option to sacrifice on quality of the materials. It is just not necessary to cut out quality.

Also consider that there are thinner pieces, which are already cut in squares that fit together with a little help from an epoxy or grout. Those are good do it yourself projects, if you are very much into having a hand in finishing your own kitchen. Otherwise, consider other ways to save.

Granite slab countertops are able to provide visually appealing beautiful to your house. In return, you can find ways to make it more budget friendly. Also consider ways that it can be made to more easily complement its surroundings.

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