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Granite tile countertop kits provide homeowners who take great pride in performing the work for themselves an option to successfully tackle a project such as this one. It is one of the most affordable manners to perform a project. The tile is pre-cut, packaged, and sent to you based on the product measurements that you take.

If you are into granite for your countertop you do have a few options as far as the product styles, designs, and the thickness of the product. Specifically, the thickness of the granite impacts the cost of your countertop. The granite is quarried from various locations around the world. There are even quarries in the United States and Canada. Typically, the granite from different locations has different colors and qualities, though it is not necessarily always the case.

Deciding on Product Parameters

When you have established that you do want a new granite countertop in your kitchen or bathroom, then you still have many decisions to make before you are ready to install the new wholesale countertop. For starters, you can decide whether you are going to utilize a fabricator or do it yourself. If you are going to pay for labor, be advised that there are two methods to obtain granite countertop products.

You may either buy a slab that the fabricator will cut at your home to size, or have it pre-cut at the quarry. This custom onsite cutting can get expensive because time equates to money when you hire laborers. If you have it cut to a slab for your countertop at the quarry, it is still going to cost money because it is typically a thick piece of exquisite natural stone. Such stone can be purchased for far less money when you instead opt for tile material for your home. In addition, there are many shops and manufacturers that cater specifically to do it yourself homeowners who want to purchase tile kits.

Starting the Process

When you decide on tile, which is far thinner and more easily adaptable because it is cut into squares, then you have a set of steps that you may want to follow. If you order from an online company, they will likely as for the specifications or measurements where your tile will go. This will help the company decide how much material to include in your kits. Online shops or bricks and mortar stores are likely to both offer competitive prices on such tile kits.

The stores that provide these granite tile countertop kits are often dedicated to selling these kits and only these kits. As a specialty, it makes the store more likely to offer the best guidance for taking measurements, ordering kits, and such. Determine where exactly you want the granite tile countertop kits to be used in your home. Then, measure depth, width, and any openings. You will need to know what size openings you will need for the sink, faucet, and even the water sprayer if you have one. Beyond that, you may also want to consider making a backsplash with the granite tile countertop kits.

It is also important for you to look through all of the granite tile countertop kits to determine which style you like the best. Look at the color, variation, and secondary colors that are in the material. If you can, get samples and seek out showrooms, or find photos of finished spaces online. Because it is a natural stone product, it will vary in its look from piece to piece. Granite tile countertop kits will allow you to enjoy a continuous cut from the same piece, helping to guarantee a cohesive look for your kitchen or bathroom project.

Preparing the Space

Whether you use granite tile countertop kits or slab, you will have to remove the old material that you are replacing. If it is entirely new construction, then you will not have this matter. Once you have removed the old material, it is important to remove the sink parts, turn off the water, and move any appliances that will be impacted by the installation. Then you need to then install plywood and cement board where the granite tile countertop kits will be installed. Once you have spread the mortar, and set the pieces in place, then you will let it dry. The grout goes over last.

Granite tile countertop kits make the process a whole lot less expensive, while allowing the homeowner the same great look for a fraction of the cost of a slab. Look to the company that sells the materials to find out what product recommendations they provide for caring for the material. Mostly, you will need to use special stone cleaners, and pay mind to the material. It is going to increase the beauty of your home for many years to come.

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