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Granite Tiles for Countertops

Installing granite tiles for countertops will add timeless beauty to your kitchen, bathroom, bar or den. Granite is a natural material that offers strength and durability, as well as a variety of colors and grains that can complement almost any decor. Whether you're interested in traditional gray rock or a more offbeat pink or green stone, you'll find that this long lasting material is as versatile as it is strong.

Homeowners have a broad range of materials to choose from when they're installing new countertops. Laminate countertops are highly affordable and durable. Laminate products are available in nearly any color or pattern imaginable, including patterns that reproduce the look of natural wood or stone. However, laminate surfaces can be damaged by moisture, impact or heat, while granite resists all of these factors. If you're searching for a material that can grace your home for years to come, granite is a classic choice.

Granite Tiles Cost Savings

Granite tiles for countertops appeal to homeowners who prefer to use natural, sustainable DIY counter materials in their home improvement projects whenever possible. As a naturally quarried stone, this product can be reused indefinitely. The environmental impact of stone is less significant than the impact of producing synthetic materials, and once these natural countertops have been installed, they may not require replacement for several generations.

When it comes to planning your budget for this project, tiles are a more affordable option for countertops than slabs. Solid stone countertops require specialized equipment to fit them to the dimensions of a kitchen or bathroom. Granite tiles for countertops are easier to install on sinks, islands and backsplashes; in fact, savvy homeowners may be able to complete the countertop installation with satisfactory results.

However, consulting a licensed contractor about installing granite tiles for countertops may save you money in the long run. Although tiles are typically less costly to install than slabs, these materials are nevertheless more expensive than laminate products. To ensure that you choose high quality tiles at the most affordable prices and achieve the results you're looking for, work with a tile expert who has a thorough knowledge of installation techniques.

If you aren't familiar with the different grades of this material, an expert consultant can help you find the most attractive, durable selections at affordable prices. Standard granite tiles for countertops will be more costly than premium tiles. However, if your budget allows you to choose premium quality materials, you may be more satisfied with top quality granite tiles for countertops in the years ahead.

Do-It-Yourself Countertops

Granite tiles for countertops combine the strength, resilience and permanence of granite with the flexibility of tile at a fraction of the cost of solid slabs. Because tile is already separated into segments, less cutting is required to line sinks, backsplashes, peninsulas and other asymmetrical areas. Partial tile pieces can be used to rim kitchen or bathroom fixtures as you complete your countertop installation.

When tile is carefully aligned, the results appear as seamless as a solid slab of rock. Alignment requires thorough planning of the shapes and segments that you'll need to cover the surface areas. In the planning stages, you can draw a diagram that will show you exactly how many tiles you need to complete the installation.

The materials required for installing granite tiles for countertops include plywood backing, mortar and grout, a sealant, backsplash trim, nails and screws. Trimming the material to fit your kitchen or bathroom spaces correctly may be the most challenging aspect of the project. With the right saws and other equipment, your counter can be installed efficiently. Take time to map out your use of the segments so that little or none of the stone goes to waste.

Affordable Alternatives

If you love the look of natural stone tile but you're on a limited budget, there are a number of affordable products available that offer the beauty and elegance of genuine materials without the high price tag. Manufactured composite materials combine granite with quartz and other types of rock to create a product that is durable, versatile and beautiful. Laminate products are another less expensive option, emulating the appearance of true rock through a photographic image protected by a clear synthetic layer.

Remodeling a kitchen, bathroom or den can be a daunting task. Once you've added one new fixture or upgraded a structure, you may suddenly realize that the surrounding elements are out of date. For a thorough evaluation of your needs and a comprehensive review of the products on the market, talk with a home improvement specialist. These experts can assess your room and give you feedback on whether granite tiles for countertops will give you the results you want. Qualified contractors have the experience and training to help you achieve long lasting, satisfying improvements.

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