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Granite vs Quartz Countertops

Granite vs quartz countertops may feel like an eternal question, akin to the chicken and the egg. Though, that is true until you know more about each of these materials from which many countertops are produced. They both are natural stone.

In truth, both materials have that one main characteristic in common. Otherwise, their similarities may only be surface deep. They both provide many lifetimes of use, because of their natural tendencies. It depends upon your own personal preference beyond that, though.

It is mostly that you may have to instead look far beneath the surface of granite vs quartz countertops to determine which material is the best for you and your home. It may not matter if you are going to put either in your bathroom, kitchen or as a part of your wet bar. And, it depends upon which characteristics will serve you best.

Character Traits

Granite vs quartz countertops in comparison to one another ask that you instead treat them very separately. This is as if you were to compare two different materials. Consider learning about each first so you will better understand how to make the most of each of them in the comparison of granite vs quartz countertops. Because they are both natural, each piece is uniquely its own, whenever a new piece is cut including each granite countertop color.

Granite is fully natural, and the other is a composite material. Because of its pristine nature, from the earth, granite is porous and also a bit more sensitive to high temperatures. It is a fantastic material for those who love to bake. Granite is an ideal surface for kneading dough. It needs to be protected from hot pie tins and anything hot, though.

Quartz is ground up stone that is then combined with an epoxy. This actually makes for a more durable, more easily maintained material. This mixture makes it able to stand up to truly hot temperatures more readily. In the comparison of granite vs quartz countertops, the latter wins over many fans with its ability to stand up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tending Surfaces

Granite is porous, partly because it is its natural state. This means food can get stuck in the pores. Therefore, it will require being sealed every year or two. In addition, when you first have it is installed make sure you seal it. It needs to be sealed whenever it shows signs of allowing water to penetrate its surface. Though, with proper daily and weekly cleanings, it only needs to be sealed every couple years.

It takes much tender loving care to properly maintain it. Use only microfiber towels, which are only slightly damp. It is a great idea to have stone cleaner on hand. Avoid acidic foods coming in prolonged and direct contact with the countertops. It takes many wipe downs to keep this surface clean. By contrast, quartz is not as natural, and is more or less going to stand up to food, keeping it outside of itself. It, therefore, does not require any sealant. It also means it is less vulnerable to bacteria. It is not going to fissure or crack.

Diverting Natures

In the comparison of granite vs quartz comparison, granite will always have natural variations. Sometimes this may lead to uneven looks, if you were to have one portion of your countertops finished this year, and the next segment next year. You could instead purchase tiles all in one fell swoop, to ensure consistent looks throughout your space. This can help you make your decision in the granite vs quartz countertops debate.

Quartz, on the other hand, provides more consistency in looks. You could decide to add countertops to your kitchen next year, and still find the same color variations as you had last year. The reason this is possible is because quartz is an engineered material, and can take on wildly unnatural looking colors. It can also be given a highly natural look as well.

In the granite vs quartz countertops comparison, installation-wise, there are professionals who can help you find either material and install it for you. Both will make for a life long friend of the cook and baker. Both will provide the greatest visual appeal of most countertops out there on the market today.

Cutting Corners

There are a great many corners, cuts and finishing styles to involve in your countertops. Consider using pre-cut tile to cut down on the cost of both labor and materials. In the case of granite vs quartz countertops, quartz is less expensive over all. Though, if you are looking for an ideal kneading surface and baking buddy, the prior choice wins.

Granite vs quartz countertops comparisons can be made all day, every day. There is no clear cut winner. Though, it instead depends upon your own needs.

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