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A kitchen granite countertop adds presence and elegance to any style of kitchen design. Even if you cannot take the country out of the farm girl, granite will allow you to still enjoy an eternal beauty that raises the whole space to a new level of sophistication. It is perfectly acceptable to mix and match styles as long as they work well together. And, it could be said that granite has never met a kitchen that it did not like. It does justice to just about any kitchen style.

When you consider adding a kitchen granite countertop to your space, it is important that you have an open mind. Granite is a natural stone, and when it is quarried, it comes out differently every time. Even the same kind of granite will look different depending upon where it was mined and when. This is part of the allure and mystique of this marvelous material for your own kitchen countertop.

Designing around Natural Variation

It can also cause some surprises and hiccups in your kitchen design, if you are not aware of this phenomenon with the natural granite stone. In terms of shopping for the perfect color and style of granite countertop, there are a few tips that can help you to find the best-suited stone piece for your kitchen countertpo. First off, decide at the least what color you like the most. There are locations worldwide where the material is excavated. In different regions, there will be different colors ranging from black to white granite counters.

In addition to having different colors there are varying styles of patterns on the natural stone itself. Some pieces of New Venetian gold slabs, for instance, have more black than other slabs. In addition, some slabs may be brought out of the ground with more veins or spots than other pieces. It is important then that you have in your mind's eye what it is you want. Secondly, before you start checking out what's new at your local stone dealer, determine that the stone you think you want is a definite.

Many homeowners may fall for the pink in a picture of Brazilian stone for their kitchen granite countertop. Then, when they check out various samples of the same stone at a local showroom, they are surprised to find it looks so different. Some will stay with the style of stone, but keep checking back every time the dealer receives a new shipment.

Materials and Installation Costs

A kitchen granite countertop is an investment in the present and future of your home. The moment that it is installed, it will lighten up your life and make cooking and eating somehow more joyful of an experience. The material itself can run easily into $30 per square foot range. Though, that is for a slab. If you do decide on a slab for your kitchen granite countertop, then you will also incur the costs to have a professional fabricator come and cut the stone in order to install it to the specifications of your space.

The labor can add up in terms of cost. Though, there is surely no reason to risk the money that you spent to buy the countertop material to your own first try. In other words, do not risk doing this job yourself if you have never worked with stone slab and cutting a stone countertop beforehand. On the other hand, it is highly likely that if you are also having a fabricator take care of installation of a stone tile backsplash and perhaps even natural stone floors, that you may find a better deal with the same fabricator. You may receive a little bit of a discount for allowing the professional to do all of the stone work in your space, beyond the countertop.

Budget Friendly Opportunities

If you dearly love the idea of a kitchen granite countertop, but cannot imagine spending so much on materials and installation, you do have other options. There is the chance to have the quarry or the stone yard pre-cut the countertop slab for you prior to it arriving at your home. This will save some money from the onsite labor, which costs more money. If that is still going to be too rich for your budget, you may also consider buying kitchen granite countertop in tile form. It is thinner, but still performs just as well as the slab kitchen granite countertop. It costs far less because it consists of far less material. There are just as many product options that can work with your space as well as the slab.

A kitchen granite countertop increases the visual appeal of your space immensely. It is no wonder it has become such a long-standing popular material in homes across the country. Find the color that works best for you space. And, find the type that works with your budget.

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