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Kitchen granite countertops seem to be limitless in their possibilities. They range from tile to slab, and seem to even complement almost any colors, and may even come in a variety of color and texture. The cost is worth it for many because for many the strength and resilience of kitchen granite countertops is worth it.

When choosing your kitchen granite countertops, it is extremely important that you choose the best fit color wise for your cabinets. If you have fallen head over heels over one particular cabinet type and color, it is time to shop for your kitchen granite countertops in a complementary color. If you can, bring a sample of the cabinet with you to match up against the wide array of granite countertops for your kitchen.

This will help you determine which color countertop backsplash idea works best. And, once you have narrowed down your options from hundreds down to three or four, you can also consider the most economical options for your kitchen. If each of your four options work for you, but one is considerably less expensive, and you like it as well as the others, it might be best to choose this one. You never know when there will be unexpected expenses arising with a kitchen remodel, so it is best to watch costs somewhat to keep within budget.

In addition, it is important that you take a look at a larger slab of the granite while you are at the store. This is because there may be natural variations on the color that you do not care for, such as a big mottling of color in one area. It could interfere with your over all design, or detract from your intended look. So, consider asking if you can keep away from certain pooling of designs and color with the material for your kitchen countertops. You want what will work for you in the first place. It will save you, the store and the contractor a lot of time and money if you are all on the same page from the beginning of the projcet.

Plus, it brings into focus another aspect of projects. You will have to look at the countertop for years to come. And because kitchen granite countertops are somewhat pricey, you may not be willing and financially able to replace them too soon if you do not care for the way they turn out. It is particularly important to take care in the combination of color and pattern and over all look of the counter top before you choose it. Normally decisions are not such a big deal, but in this case they can make the difference between a beautiful design decision and a dreaded choice that makes you cringe for the next 40 years.

Less Expensive Granite Options

If you are wanting a resilient kitchen granite countertops surface for your home but the costs are too much, consider tiled granite countertops. You can install these for a fraction of the price of granite slab countertops in your kitchen. The functionality and years of anticipated use in their service to you are there, but for less money. If you find you are over budget because you instead desperately wanted more expensive flooring or a mural backsplash that was a lot more expensive, then consider using tiled granite countertops instead.

Choosing the Right Contractor

It is worth shopping around for a contractor to provide expert installation. It is about finding the best people for the job. If you know that you need work similar to your friend and his or her house, then consider hiring their contractor for your kitchen granite countertops project. If, on the other hand, their contractor took 3 months to complete a small project, and your kitchen countertops cover 3 times more area, then that may not be the contractor for you.

When you find the contractor who basically fits into your budget, calls you back within one day, is well received by their customers (and has references of happy clients), then you may have the right person for you. You may want to check and see if there are any specialties that your potential contrator has. For instance, if they are particularly talented at making designs for backsplashes, and you need backsplashes for your kitchen granite countertops, then consider that particular individual for your job.

Kitchen granite countertops can add beauty, durability and a lot to your design when you are renovating or having new kitchens built. It is advisable to look at as many options as possible, including the contractors, the materials that are available and the costs. These decisions can make or break the beauty, usability and re-payment of the project. So, choose your contractor, project materials and other options carefully because they will last a long time.

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