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Prefab granite countertops cost a fraction of the price of on-site construction. You can actually send your specifications in to the countertops company and they make the prefab granite countertops just for your home project. It costs less but is just a appealing as a contractor measuring and cutting everything on-site. Because it is already measured out, it also saves on clean up and dust from having to cut pieces to fit. In addition, there is not as much in the way of wasted pieces.

Prefab granite countertops provide you with the natural beauty and strength of granite, but at lower prices than a regular installation. Because the granite countertops company measures and cuts out your granite to your specifications, with edges pre-trimmed for you. This results in you paying much less in labor costs than you would otherwise pay. Most savings would be realized in fabrication and customizing.

Before you fully choose materials for a granite kitchen countertop, you may want to measure out, or have a contractor measure out the area first. Then you factor in how much you want to spend and how much natural stone you can afford. Next, you will want to consider first some other options, stone wise.

Alternative Ways, Means

If you are not sure that prefab granite countertops are even the way to go for you and your kitchen remodel project, consider another granite alternative instead. You may find that granite tile could also fulfill your need for superb countertops. You will have the superior quality, strength and resilience, along with a natural stone that is appealing to the eye as to the cook's touch. Granite tiles can be fit into countertops rather easily as well, though still may require cutting to size.

The advantages of the prefab granite countertops is that the slab and bull nose are cut prior to you receiving them. Instead, you may focus on the kind of look you prefer, including the colors that you may want. There are stones from many corners of the planet, including Asia, Europe and Latin America. The equipment costs are minimized because it is factored into the costs to the dealer who sells the prefab materials to you.

The materials are cut on site, in China, Brazil, Egypt, for instance, at lower prices than in the U.S. This is why it is better to have go with prefab options. Prefab countertops can be used in both residential and commercial areas. They can be used in kitchens for your work spaces and for resilient countertops. Prefab materials can also be used in public restrooms, as in restaurants or also in your own home. They are easy to clean and care for and stay in good shape even when given a beating over the years.

Picking Patterns

When you are looking for prefab granite countertops, it is vital that you know what you want and expect prior to ordering. And, consider all the variations of color and style. When you are looking over the material, you can see if there are any groupings of color that will not work with your kitchen or vanity. It is important to decide before hand and make sure you love the design and character of the stone before you make your purchase.

You may also want to compare a piece of your cabinetry to the prefab material, to make sure the two complement one another. When you have seen all the variations of coloring and styling that comes naturally with the stone, find the right dealer for you. They may have many sources for materials that provide you with many pricing options as well. When you are certain of the dealer and the material, it is time to order your prefab granite countertops.

When you have considered the size of the space that needs the prefab granite countertops, found a dealer, found your stone, then you are ready to go. It is hopefully one of the most rewarding purchases, that is worth every penny you spend on it. It will provide you with many years of use and beauty. You will probably have to change the cabinetry and vanity in which the stone sits long before you hav eto go shopping for new, replacement countertop. It is far more rewarding to put in the extra time and effort to shop now.

Prefab granite countertops are a smart option if you want to get through your commercial or residential renovation project for less mess, less work and at a lower price. It is best when you can instead focus on the design and functionality of your new space, and how your prefab stone can add to the beauty and function for years to come. When you are ready, the materials will arrive all pre-cut, with edges even finished too.

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