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Quartz vs Granite Countertops

Comparing quartz vs granite countertops can help you solidify your decision on which natural stone to purchase for your kitchen or bathroom countertops. Both provide the long-lasting allure of stone, though otherwise both have some dissimilarities that may make one material stand out over the other for your countertops.

In the quartz vs granite countertops comparison, there are a few pluses, though they vary slightly for each material. What it comes down to comparing quartz vs granite countertops, are the same features and characteristics that come to mind when first considering the purchase of new countertops. For one, the care and cleaning of countertops needs to be top of the list. Natural stone countertops can be porous and need special treatment and maintenance.

Consider Characteristics

Beyond the regular, daily, weekly and yearly care, there may be other characteristics to consider when choosing between quartz vs granite countertops. For one, they are both natural stone, and look beautiful. Though, both have their own character because they are uniquely their own, every time slabs are cut. It is always going to look different from one piece to the next.

If you prefer the natural sheen of granite tile countertop pictures, then perhaps it could be that the contractor could find a quartz with a higher sheen gloss to it. It is never quite going to be as shiny as granite but that may be part of its charm. The reason quartz is able to with stand higher temperatures and is not as porous is because it is actually ground up stone together with epoxy resin.

It is because of this ground up and reconstituted with epoxy that it is a more durable material, holding up better against cracks and to heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Having it combined with epoxy resin also makes this material less porous, over all. Therefore, it is less maintenance than granite. Similarly, the installation is easiest when employing tile or pre-cut materials.

Additionally, because of its engineered varieties, it can take on unnatural looks, such as one solid, unnatural color. Some sing its praises, and others cannot stand to see the sight of unnatural stone. It is up to the individual taste.

In the quartz vs granite countertops comparison, there is much to say about the care and cleaning of both. The latter is more porous, needs to be sealed with what is called an impregnator annually or every other year. When water stops beading on it, thus is absorbed, then it is time to seal the surface again.

In addition, this same material can only be wiped off with a microfiber towel. In can be lightly wet, though it is not recommended cleaning with a damp cloth every time, because the material is so porous. Otherwise, it needs to be cleaned with a stone cleaner, and you need to avoid having any food or material that is particularly acidic, around it. It will ruin the stone countertops if you have acidic foods or hot pans on the surface.

This can also cause concerns of food being trapped in the surface, which can lead to illness from bacteria and viruses growing in your surface. Quartz is less porous, requiring no sealant, or impregnator, it does not crack and stands up well to high temperatures. The other material will crack and fissure, and cannot withstand hot temperatures at all. In addition to requiring no sealant, this material is also less porous, therefore, less prone to bacteria and viruses.

Hue and Texture

Because of the engineered variety, there are solid colors available, which is obviously more even in its appearance. Some prefer the natural look of granite, though, because quartz can take on some unnatural colorings because of the engineered variety. This aspect may turn off many home owners and business owners, while others may find value in this aspect of quartz when comparing quartz vs granite countertops. When considering quartz vs granite countertops, granite has more natural variation in it as far as a surface material goes.

Pricing Considerations

When comparing quartz vs granite countertops, the cost of it is lower than granite. Though for the price, you will have a more natural looking material that will complement any natural wood cabinets, flooring and other natural features exceedingly well. Quartz, on the other hand, seems to complement and match more modern looks very well, though. Though, as with many characteristics, it is a matter of personal taste what will work for your space.

Quartz vs granite countertops comparisons are fairly easy. Though, they require knowing your own tastes, needs and budget better than anything else. There is only so much information that others will be able to provide with regard to this decision. Though, the characteristics do make the two materials different more so than alike.

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