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A white granite countertop is as varied in the options as any of the granite colors. As a natural stone, even white granite comes in a wide variety of shades. It is truly a natural beauty that is more valuable because of its uniqueness, even among the same shades of white. The secondary undertones of other colors, which may give it more of an ivory white tone, add exquisitely to this elegant countertop material. Contrasting black speckles and spots on other types of white granite coutnertop material offer depth and shape.

Overall, a white granite countertop is among many thousands of choices for you to pick from when planning your countertop. Just like with the variations in white granite that basically make it seem like one thousand colors in and of itself, there is a wide variety of variation among all colors you can buy. There is yellow, beige, gold, green, blue, red, burgundy, brown, gray, and even black. They each have variations that may or may not incorporate distinct flecks of other hues. In addition, there are variations in the vein patterns that run secondary to the specks of other color.

Natural Variation or Man-made

Again, like with the white granite countertop material, the other hues of granite will not be solid within one shade of the same color. For instance, given the undertones in a piece of white granite countertop, there is a tendency to look and see grays, beige, or even black tones in a slab of the material. In some cases, you may be stumped as to whether a granite countertop is indeed yellow or beige. That is how varied the slabs can be when you see different samples.

Beyond color variation, it is important to note that if you want a more or less easily defined color of countertop, then you may actually want to investigate other countertop types and countertop maintenance options. If you have a solid color of white in mind for your countertop, you may want to investigate quartz, for instance. Quartz is actually ground up natural stone that is mixed with an epoxy. It combines some great features of the man-made epoxy with the natural stone pieces. Because of its composition, this material takes well to color. Though, if you see it after looking at white granite countertop samples, you may feel that quartz is too man-made looking in the end.

Styles Meld Well

When you are considering white granite countertop for your space, you are providing a great chance to incorporate a very rich and decadent look that can tie together a contemporary or modern room very well. Likewise, the soft natural light tones of the white granite countertop can also help to soothe a more traditional space as well. There are a few ways to make a decision about the white granite countertop. If you will have some antique or distressed finishes on your cabinets, the light shade will go well if it shares some of the secondary colors. For instance, rather than choose gold, you may want the type that looks more like its ivory counterpart.

While you may want to choose all of your finishes on your cabinets, flooring, and backsplash together, you may want to look at this natural stone surface first. It can be difficult to find the perfect combination of veins and flecks that you want, because each cut is definitely unique when the stone is pulled from the ground. The concept, though, is that the basic background hue will be pretty similar across the whole type of this stone. In addition, the veining and secondary specks of color will further impact the whole coloration that people see, whether close up or from afar. Thus, it is vital that you expend the time and energy necessary to find just the right slab of natural stone for your surface tops.

Typically, this lightest of the natural stone shades is from Brazil, Italy, and also China. There are some beautiful options from which to choose when you are determining the best color variation for your own project in the home. It is also important that you keep your measurements for the surface with you just in case you find the style that you want of the natural stone. Beyond that, also have the samples of your cabinetry, flooring, and backsplash with you as well during the planning stages of the process.

You may even wish to look at the stone pieces that show up at the stone dealer's yard. This will help you secure the slab that best suits your needs. A white granite countertop has a very special quality to it that makes it seem even more unique and valuable when you are choosing among all of the colors of this natural stone. Look to the different dealers for the best price on this material.

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